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About Us

Grand Duelist Organization

The GD organization is made by duelist, for the duelists.


If you are an enthusiast Yugioh duelist, then you must understand the pain of searching meta relevant information in order to prepare for an important tournament like YGO Regionals, Nationals, European Championships and Yugioh Championship Series. It always seems impossible to catch up with all Yu-Gi-Oh related news, formats, products and events via countless accounts and social media platforms. 


Thus, we created Grand Duelist News (GDN), the ultimate HUB to ease the process of getting Yugioh information and help all Yugioh players save valuable time and trouble. 


Grand Duelist Series (GDS) will be dedicated to improving the quality, experience and prize pool of Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. We will create amazing events for the duelists to make sure every penny spent on traveling to a GDS event is worth it. 


Grand Duelist Partners (GDP) are brands and companies that collaborate with GD to showcase the equipment and merchandise for the best Yugioh experiences.


Grand Duelist Team (GDT) consists of elite players in both OCG and TCG formats to compete on top tier international stages.


Grand Duelist Creators (GDC) consists of extraordinary people dedicated to creating content for the Yugioh community.

Grand Duelist: United, We Thrive

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